As an additive manufacturer with own facility, and extensive design experience, Sculptur is offering custom projects, small series production, and possibilities to translate design into reality. Here are some examples:

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3D printed face shields

During the Corona crisis, the demand for protective equipment was high so we made a conveyer belt, making it possible to print almost at 1000 pieces a day!

Recyclable booth with Stora Enso

With the belief that linear supply chain, material waste and long lead times must end, Sculptur has designed an entire booth using wood composite DuraSense from Stora Enso. The booth is 100% recyclable using ordinary shredding technique, and possible to print numerous times as a new booth or furniture.

Print the future

We believe that the environmental demands from city inhabitants will increase in the future; recycled materials for house construction, sustainable design, and circular production. Print The Future is a world-unique event with the aim of increasing the living standard in cities, connect companies, inhabitants and the public environment. The event combines 3D technology and innovations with sustainability and brings that to the cities for everyone to experience. Contact Sculptur for more information.

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