SCULPTUR is the first furniture company in the world with 3D printing manufacturing capability. We have refined the design and technology to perfection and made sure all our products are made of recycled material and are fully recyclable. When you buy and use a SCULPTUR product, you’re contributing to a sustainable environment. With your help, we reshape the future. 

It all began in 2015 with a small 3D printer and a vision of a holistic circular process, from design to end consumer and recycling. Two years later in close collaboration with leading 3D-printing manufacturers and governmental research facility RISE we were able to make the first large scale prototypes. After countless hours of designing, printing and testing, our first product was born - the REFORM lounge chair.



Our products are made out of 100% recycled material making it possible for us to stay true to our goal to contribute to a sustainable future. We firmly believe that linear supply chain, material waste, transportation and long lead times must end. All our products are designed and manufactured with a sustainable circularity in mind.


We believe this is the future of furniture design and manufacturing. As technology develops, more materials and possibilities will be available to us, making it possible for us to push the limits even further. We believe the time to reshape the future is now.


SCULPTUR is driven by the vision of utilizing new additive manufacturing processes and business models. Together with the fast-moving 3D-printing industry we aim to make it possible to produce our products as close to the customer as possible. As our network of printers with large object capacity grows, we can produce globally, just sending the file to the printer, making both production and transport as clean as possible.

To encourage recycling our customers receives a refund when returning a SCULPTUR product to a authorized recycling facility

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